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How the Global Tote works

Individual customers from Australia cannot access the Global Tote pools.

Products that are derived from tote and fixed odds prices are regarded as fixed odds or tote derivatives as they use a combination of fixed odds and/or tote prices.

In Australia, Bookmakers may choose to manage their risk by betting back into the Global Tote, bets on GoatTop, GoatMid and GoatSP prices do not go into the Global Tote and is at the discretion of the bookmaker. Individual customers cannot bet directly into the Global Tote within Australia and only licensed, approved wagering operators can access the Global Tote pools.

The Global Tote liquidity may also come from wagering operators that offer the product to their customers in jurisdictions that allows these bet types such as the US and the UK, but only through licensed operators in those jurisdictions.

The Global Tote is a wholesale tote licensed in the UK through the Alderney Gaming Control Commission and is only available to licensed wagering operators.

As the Global Tote is a wholesale tote there is generally less take out from the pools meaning the pricing is often better than traditional totes. You can see the prices and results of the Global Tote at odds.globaltote.com

Updated on January 10, 2018

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