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How to Enter a Tournament

Playing a TopBetta Tournament is really straight forward. Simple follow the steps below to get started playing betting tournaments.

Select your tournament

You can select which tournament you would like to play in, it’s up to you.

Betting tournaments can run over a single race day, or can be a combination of races from different meetings. Oh, and plenty of sports tournaments are available – typically running over weekends to make your TV viewing that much more entertaining.

Tournaments are either Free to enter (for those trying it out or wanting to have some fun) or a couple of dollars for the guys that need to have something at stake,

When you pay for a tournament entry – this is a called a BuyIn and can range from $20-$110 for the punters in the house and for the High Rollers we have $500-$1100 tournaments.

Get Started Playing a Betting Tournament

  1. Navigate to Tournaments
  2. Select a Tournament
  3. Enter the Tournament

Next step is to start placing your Tournament Bets – you have BettaBucks (a virtual currency invented by TopBetta) to place your bets with!

Updated on July 11, 2016

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