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How to View Bets Placed

Once you have placed your first bet(s) or entered a tournament you can view your betting history from your account.

To view your account statement and betting history navigate to Account Transactions.

The Account Statement has a number of filters that allow you to dive into the detail of bets placed.

All – This displays all transactions on your TopBetta Account

Bets – This displays all bets placed, how much you staked and what you bet on.

Tournaments – This displays all tournaments you entered, buyins, re-buys and tournament bets placed.

Deposits – This displays all deposits made to your TopBetta account

Withdrawals – This displays all withdrawal requests made from your TopBetta account

Bet Winning – This displays all winning bets

Bet Losing – This displays all losing bets

Bet Refunded – This displays all corrections on bets made, such as bets being voided

Your Account Statement also shows your current running balance – so you can see manage your betting funds more effectively.

Updated on July 12, 2016

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