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How to Place a Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta or 1st Four Bet

Click on the Quinella/Trifecta/Exacta or First 4 icons.

Enter your ‘First Selection(s)’ by clicking a checkbox in the 1st Place column. If you wish to Box your Exotics, click the checkbox next to the bet type (Trifecta/First Four) and then simply place all your selections in the one column. If you wish to do a Single Exotic only, enter each selection in the respective place columns provided.

Eg: Standout/Single Trifecta: 1/2/3 would be entered as Selecting 1 in Place 1, 2 in Place 2, and 3 in Place 3. To Box these selections 1,2,3 – click the checkbox next to the bet type (Trifecta/First Four) and enter all 3 selections in the Place 1 column.

Standout or Multi Exotics can be placed by entering your selections into the respective Place columns. Eg: a Standout/Mutli Trifecta – ‘1/2,3,7/4,5,6,8’ – would be entered by placing 1 in the Place1 field, 2,3,7 in the Place 2 field followed by 4,5,6,8 in the Place 3 field.

Confirm your selections in the display at the bottom of the page by clicking ‘Place Bet’ which is highlighted at the bottom right of the page.

Your selections will appear in your Betting Slip. Enter the amount in the box. The slip Total will display the total cost of the bet.

Click on the Place Bet button.

With the selections and amount you require displaying in the Bet Slip click on the

Place Bets icon which will prompt you to confirm.

Updated on July 12, 2016

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