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Tournament Leaderboards

When all those around you are losing their heads…hold your nerve!

After each race, you can check in on the LeaderBoard and see where you are placed.

You should be aware of the pay structure in each tournament as they can be different.

Some are JACKPOT tickets into bigger pay out tournaments, some are WINNER TAKES ALL, some TOP 3 and some are split dependent upon the number of entrants.

Tournament Re-Buys in tournaments allow you to purchase additional BettaBucks if you have lost it all and want to rejoin the tournament before it closes. However, after Race 5 jumps you cannot buy in again.

Tournaments with a cash pool is what you want to target with finishing Number 1 on the tournament leaderboard – to win real cash.

Be sure to check the Prize Table payout structure for each tournament you enter to avoid any confusion.

Updated on July 11, 2016

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